Quran Karim

This Quran application is created using scan pages of printed Quran that is approved and authenticated. You will notice this quran has colorful text. Those are Tajweed Rules. If you love to read Quran like a Qari. These Tajweed rules will help you to read Quran correctly. You will really amazed how beautifully you can read Quran Pak, for example a dark pink color tells you to Read that letter heavily and Green color tells you to Nasalize that letter (say Ghunnah in terms of Qiraat). Go to Help section in menu at bottom and see a list of Tajweed rules for this Quran.


Surah List: From this you may jump quickly to any Surah (total 114) of Quran Majeed.
Juz List: From this you may jump quickly to any Juz (total 30) of Quran Hakeem.
Go To Page: It will open a picker and you may jump to any page (total 611) of Quran Pak.
This AlQuran application has a beautiful feature of bookmarks. You will notice a ribbon placed at right of each page. Just tapping on that will bookmark that page. Bookmarks works like favorites. You may open all bookmarked Quran pages list from bottom menu.
If you rotate your iPhone it will display in landscape view that has more larger view of each Quran page.
And please do not forget us in your prays when you are done reading this Holy Quran iPhone Application.

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You may contribute to enhance this quran and other islamic apps by sending us donations. Please use the following button to send us funds with safe way. May Allah bless you.

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